[PP polypropylene powder green sheet production line]



PP + powder green sheet, also known as CT, it is petroleum-based plastics PP (polypropylene) to add 40% -60% of quality and made of powder material. Can be effectively recovered and recycled environment-friendly material. CT combustion heat release is very low, can be the same as paper or wood burning and processing. It not only will not produce harmful gases, and was recovered using a variety of ways still. More It is worth mentioning that: it can be resistant to high temperature 130 ℃, in the growing popularity of electronic heating in the use of microwave ovens. The food in the future flow of the industry, CT as an important material will be well received by the pro-gaze, is to dominate the future trend of food containers new material.
Main technical parameters:
Models JW-120/100/45-1500
Stratified form of A / B / C / A
Products width 1320mm
Products thickness 0.3-1mm
Maximum output of 800Kg / h
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