[Plastic multiple layer co-extrusion sheet machine]


Features and application:

◆Screw mixture using special functions and high plasticizing capacity to  design,did indeed make the piastic meits color uniform extrusion voiume inceased
◆Coat-hanger Die adopt speciai bi-fiow design,sheet thickness adjustment is accurate
◆Temperature contro+1C can be controlled accurately plastination process and sheet thickness sexual formation.
◆Compression stick into taiwan using horizontal or movements manner in the process of thick sheets provide more selective and improve the quality of sheet metal.
◆Sheet thickness control using screw adjustment and hydraulic pressure round  of a two-way adjustment can be controlled accurately sheet thickness degrees.
◆Proessure stick wheel diameter of 350 mm and double-loop cooling system,Mold temperature control with precision machine control stick round pressure plate so that the temperature,thickness uniformity.
◆Slicing machine,sheet length and the number of precision.
◆Volume admission Taiwan device used high torque motors,with 4-axis automatic tension control, to be free ofto adjust the speed and volume of tension to achieve the resumptin volumes admission sheet formation of purpose,with hous of the device could be free to set up the mecessary bredth of products ,the automatic assembly machine meters length can be set products.
◆3 roller-ray machines used,or 45 tilt, free movements manner in the process of thick sheets provide moreMore selective and improve the quality of sheet metal.

Main Technical Parameter :

SJ-90 SJ-120 SJ-150
Sheet width(mm)
680 1000 1400
Sheet thickeness(mm)
0.3-20 0.3-20 0.3-20
Screw diameter(mm)
90 105 120
L/D Ratio of screw
1:30 1:30 1:30

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