[Production Line for PP-R pipe]


Features and application :
> The production line adopts the high efficiency spiral pole extrude machine made by outcompany. It has the characters of high-speed extrude and high efficiency plasticized.
> Barrier pattern of double poler of PPRspecialized spiral pole,opened dent of machine.
> Be equipped with twice-diffluence new pattern modelwhich has the characters of Iow temperature and Iow pressure extrude And diameter covering of water pattern, which can guarantee the high speed production of pipe material.
> The production line can choose to load labeled extrude to produce pipe material with color labeled. It can also change model go produce PE pipe material.


生产管材规格 Pipe specifications:20-75

生产管材规格Pipe specifications:20-110

挤出量Extrusion volume:130kg/h

挤出量Extrusion volume: 230kg/h

主电机Main engine:75kw 直流电机
主电机Main engine: 110kw 直流电机
装机功率 Power generators :105kw
装机功率Power generators :155kw
生产线总长Greneral production line: 35mm
生产线总长Greneral production line: 38mm

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