Zhangjiagang Xingguang Degradation Plastics Machinery CO.,LTD Since its inception, always adhere to operate development of some basic core values, such as the emphasis on integrity, stressing cooperation, people-oriented, striving for excellence, and so on. These core values
Optimal Management
The ever-changing market and scientific and technological progress generated by the far-reaching impact on business requirements must be self-improvement, reform and innovation. To this end, the mechanical star managers should maintain a positive state of mind, to abandon old ways of thinking, a high sense of responsibility and the spirit of innovation, continuous view mode of operation and improve the management system, building a clear division of responsibilities and work closely with the high-performance team to establish a More competitive and dynamic enterprises.
To strengthen services
We must strengthen the awareness of the services, customers and the implementation of the concept of customer service is still not as glorious, so that high-quality services and high-quality products has become a source of the value of machinery Stars.
Has attached much importance to
Talent is the source of enterprise development, the success of this. Companies are required to "attract the best talents, investment in human capital and make the best use of talent, good talent," the human resources strategy, to create a "concern, attention, people-oriented" good atmosphere, through a variety of training and practical work training, to enhance the professional staff Level to enhance the quality of the individual. With talent in order for the star machinery of the great vitality into the long-term development.
Hard work
Star is hard work to the basic mechanical work. The success belongs to the correct objectives, perseverance of the team. Stars of the whole machinery company employees to self-improvement, the unyielding spirit to move forward with a spirit of seeking truth, integrity and strict atmosphere.
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